Sunday, July 29, 2012

Baby Shower Decorations

The last few weeks have been crazy! My husband spent a week with his parents trying to help his mom around the house and getting her to and from the hospital and helping his dad with different things. His dad is still in the hospital and we have no idea when he will be getting out.
I have been doing my usual working, taking care of the boys and household stuff, and preparing for my sister-in-law's (my brother's wife) baby shower. I started some of the decorations over a month ago - like the diaper tricycle, which by the way was a HUGE hit! Thanks again to Scrapalette! But the rest, yeah, I finished those this morning.
The banner I also started over a month ago and attempted to hang 2.5 weeks ago and it came apart - terrifically tacky tape was not tacky enough! So I stapled the pieces all together and, as intended anyway, covered them with the white scalloped circles. We tried hanging it again this morning and it started popping again to I put in a third hook and that did the trick! Note to self, do not make rosettes with card stock - it is TOO HEAVY.

This is one of the little decorations I had out on the tables. I used the new CTMH Artiste cartridge for the diaper!

This is one of the cuts from Word Collage. I love this cartridge! It seems silly and I could probably create the collages myself but it is sooo nice to be able to pop in this cartridge and cut.
I don't remember what all I products I used as this as been an ongoing project - sorry!
Thanks for looking!!


  1. Great job on the decorations! Really love the one that you put out on the tables.

  2. I was amazed by the banner and then I got to the collage - super! Love this whole post!

  3. What fun decor items and that word collage is just so cute.